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We assisting corporates in performing a mindset-change and making transformation happen at speed.


We help you to bring those at the forefront of business strategy & innovation together, providing an outlet for thought sharing, leading to change & growth – tailor-made to meet your demands. Examples:


Technology – especially digitalization – does not disrupt your industry, your people do. To innovate your organization, you have to empower the people and develop your leaders. We help you to prepare your workforce for ongoing and future changes and to build a foundation for sustainable improvement and innovation.


Take advantage of strategic alliances and recognize the importance and potential of ecosystems. Break through the internal silos and crusty structures to systematically establish the competences and synergies in your company. We gain you into ecosystems that are dynamic relationships that spur economics and innovation.


When competitors emerge in your business sector, doing the usual way of running their business differently and thus quickly succeeding, you have to throw a large part of the cherished actions, methods, and success patterns overboard quickly. We guide you to clear the reservations of your employees at all levels to leave their old ways of doing things radically.


If your corporate innovation management only relies on the gradual improvement of the existing products, they will just become more complex and expensive. At the same time, it facilitates the market entry of new, simple innovations and your company is going to displaced by the agile competition. We assist in creating an entrepreneurial mindset within your teams.


The right approach of disruption can make the difference.



businessexcellence.eu is quite possibly the most mindset-changing transformational boutique consultancy, focusing on reshaping the way corporates enable their management and engage the employees in change.
Drawing on decades of study, practice, and experience, our methods are designed to reinventing organizations, creating business-ecosystems, and forcing customer-centricity to make changes happen at speed.
Specialized in people mindset-change, operational due diligence & transformation, innovation-management & sustainability.

We offer solutions for your key corporate problems – employees and strong alliances are the foundation of new ideas that support the strength and growth of your company in the future. Our method brings together all stakeholders and creates essential business ecosystems. During a cognitive transformation journey, we engage and enable your people to keep uncertainties down and make the change to their own – with first sustainable results in 12 weeks.

Jens Werner

Enterprise Developer / Advisor

As an in-house consultant and innovation manager, Jens manages that transformation and development programs are completed in much lesser time and with a greater outcome. These results are made possible by removing the reservations of all stakeholders and through creating business ecosystems. The best strategy can not work if those involved are not convinced by it and do not implement it accordingly. His method is the most effective way of eliminating such reservations, allowing for collective rethinking and major mindset-changes. «Do not just think ouside your box – remove the box». 

John Mueller

Advisor / Partner

John is a visionary leader, thinking in systems with a customer centric & result-oriented approach to success, gained from international experiences in multiple B2C and B2B environments from strategy to operations. During that time, he approched over 4,000 professionals in 21 business units and 400 operations, and managed to change their minds sucessfully on important quality and operational excellence topics. With his method he takes people with him, integrates them optimally according to their abilities and experience, and definitely knows how to inspire them.

Grace Fu

Corporate / Business Development Manager

Grace has more than 10 years of experience in operations and client management, serving some of the largest multinational clients. Being strongly result orientated Grace sucessfully advices companies across multiple industries (APAC, EMEA, and Switzerland) by orchestrating business model optimisation, strategy development, setting-up operations, growing business in both mature and developing market environments. With a clear focus on in-/external clients she drives value by mindset-changes, building strong teams and networks, and developing unique ways to find solutions.


Lienhard HRM Solutions

As a Human Resources & Management consulting firm, Lienhard HRM Solutions focuses on the areas of computer science, life science, healthcare and business consulting.

Jordan Wilman

Jordan Wilman works in the communications and public relations field, specializing in communications, public relations, branding, social media, content development, project management, strategy building development & consulting.


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