Luis M. Tejero

Management Advisor | Business Development

Luis has more than 25 years of experience in strategy and business development. He has extensive experience in finding and helping customers and partners, whether they are small or large, national or international, to develop and execute sales and marketing strategies, build and shape organizations and lead them to succeed. His main focus lies on sales, marketing and people management with a high degree of technical and scientific environment competence. He has advised clients in HighTech, MedTech, LifeSciences, IT and Software industries on growth strategies, business transformations, performance improvements and organizational effectiveness topics.

Luis has hands-on experience supporting small and medium-sized companies including start-ups. They will benefit from direct first-hand support when every day
challenges become crucial, such as “who can do what”, “how can we increase sales quality” or “where can we get this specific know how or experience from” or “which software application could help us solve the problem”.

Luis has experience in leading and motivating multidisciplinary and multicultural dispersed teams, efficiency identification, bringing people together and empowering them to successfully drive business programmes. He has built up the Swiss subsidiary for an international consulting and engineering company, which help customers overcome human or time resource problems, lack of experience in certain areas of business process over his career. He has been involved at the base and at top level management to create and find solutions and to overcome obstacles. Luis is committed to help companies and individuals to improve operational and financial performance, and increase competitive advantage.

Education and

IT Engineering, Swiss Federal Diplomas
Sales and Business Management, Swiss Federal Diplomas
Project Management IPMA certified
Trainer in Adult Learning SVEB

Area of Expertise

Sales and Channel Management •  Business Development  •  Marketing • General Management • Market Development • Market Expansion • Human Resources / Recruiting • Innovation • Strategy • Operations • Industry 4.0 • IoT • IT and Software • Team Building


🌐 Greater Zurich Area, CH

📱+41 79 217 96 94