Pascalle Leeuwerink

Member | Advisor

Pascalle has a 20+ years’ experience in business consulting, data analytics, process improvements, project management and client management. She managed multinational consumer goods corporation with worldwide leading brands. She also consulted the largest retailer in Switzerland focusing on data analytics and insights, creating inspirational concepts and changing marketing processes to include advanced analytics. 

She has a keen eye for detecting improvements in collaboration, workflows and processes. Her key words are efficiency and effectiveness. With her strategic mindness she focuses on the future, takes a strategic perspective on issues and challenges. She has a strong analytical search for reasons and causes. Her ability to think about all the factors that might affect a situation delivers a well-rounded view on business questions.

Her extremely well-ordered and methodical approach to tasks will ensure that planned outcomes are achieved on time. Yet she is adaptable and flexible in the face of unfamiliar or changing situations. She figures out how people who are different can work together productively.

Education and

Certified in mastering operational resilience 

Master Business Process Engineering

Bachelor International Business and Languages

Area of Expertise

Organizational development • Process and workflow optimization • Customer success / client management • Actionable data insights • Team development / team management / team collaboration


🌐 Switzerland

📱+41 76 815 80 30