When everyone is doing the same job, customers in formerly lucrative supply and sales markets are disappearing due to globalization, and new, often more innovative competitors with more agile and modern corporate structures are emerging, your company finds itself in the “red ocean” #redocean. 

Today, the business management concept with its methods for maximizing one’s own profits often no longer works in the traditionally producing plant and mechanical engineering sector either. 

Moreover, business administration is looking in the rear-view mirror to make companies financially attractive – but in doing so, it prevents measures to make them truly successful

How can companies now counter this development and move into the blue ocean #blueocean?

Before business administration took the lead, companies were actually there to solve problems.

Don’t put shareholder value first, invest in your people and customer value. 

It’s a method that puts people (who are often also supposed to buy the products) at the center, and it’s a fascinating way to catapult the chance of success of innovations, new products, new processes, new ideas – virtually anything that’s new – to the top. And by striving for market leadership, it secures profits.