Brilliant. Your Startup business boosted like a rocket directly to the Moon. In case you haven’t heard – your competiton did too. In fact, most of them are there since 1969. And during that time some shining examples of the «New Industry» have become successful companies and are already on their way to Mars, giving entrenched industries a much-needed shakeup.

Startups who have their ears close to their employees, who understand their clients, who keep their nose constantly in the «market-breeze» and maintain a sustainable network in the industry, do already a great job.

However, any company who wants to go beyond and reachMars in 2019 has to focus on agility, efficiency and innovation.And it must be familiar with all areas of optimization in the organization. helps you to get a 360° overview of those areas … so that your 2019 won‘t be just like 1969.